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Keep Full Program

The “Keep Full Program” is just as the name indicates—we strive to keep propane in your tank. Usually this consists of filling your tank once a month. Together with the Budget Plan they allow you to treat propane as you do your electric bill, with a calculated monthly payment. There are many variations to this concept, and we will be willing to work with you to fit your needs.

  • Consistent monthly billing
  • Pressure tests at no charge (when needed)
  • No service charges
  • Methanol treatment periodically
  • Check tanks and regulators monthly (during winter months)

If you are not a current “Keep Full Program” customer, please give us a call and we will set you up on one of our routes.

The Budget Plan
  • Lock in your per gallon LP price in the spring, when prices are typically lower
  • Avoid seasonal peaks in your LP bill
  • Get automatic LP deliveries throughout the year
  • Stop making lump payments for LP delivery
  • Receive consistent monthly billing
  • Auto-pay available
  • Your monthly payment is estimated using 3 years of previous LP purchases

To enroll and get the small print give us a call, send us a note in your bill, or message us on facebook at Deuel County Farmers Union- @DCFUsd

Propane Fill

  • All regulators will be replaced according to the manufacturer’s expiration date and must be replaced before the tank can be filled. Our propane truck driver will be in touch with those of you with regulators or other systems that are not in compliance.
  • All appliances, underground piping, and other repairs or installations (other than tank parts or regulators), must be done by a trained gas service technician.
  • All customers that run out of propane must have their system leak checked at the expense of the customer unless they are participating in the “Route Delivery Program”.
  • There will be a $50.00 charge for leak checking during normal working hours and a $50.00 charge for leak checking after working hours for all non “Route Delivery Program” customers.
  • Anytime that the propane has been interrupted (making repairs, modifications, or changing of regulators), the system must be leak checked.
  • All new customers are subject to a leak check of their propane system.
  • The customer or their representative must be present during a leak check to allow entry into the home.
  • Call-in orders of less than 150 gallons are subject to an additional .20 per gallon fee.
  • If this order is required after hours an additional $50.00 service charge will be charged, unless they are participating in the “Keep Full Program”.
  • .10¢ per gallon discount for propane if paid with 10 days of delivery

Please review the propane-users safety guide (PDF, 242.68 KB) that provides safety tips and information. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the dangers of propane.

Hendricks, MN

Hendricks LP plant
Hendricks LP Plant

409 S Division St
Hendricks, MN 56136

Phone: (507) 275-3559


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