Available on-hand is a full line of bag feeds for cattle, sheep, horses, and goats. We also carry all types of pet foods for dogs, cats, and rabbits.

We are authorized retailers for Purina and QLF liquid feed.

Feed can be bulk-delivered to your location or picked up from either of our locations in Clear Lake or Toronto. We offer custom rations to meet the nutritional requirements of any animal.


We carry Purina products such as:

  • Country Calf Starter
  • Future Cow Starter
  • Heifers Edge B260
  • Range 20 Cubes

We also carry SteakMaker products such as:

  • BP Balancer 25 R700
  • 40-28 R500
  • Grower 36-0 B500
  • Dairy Beef 35-0 B150
  • Dairy Beef 40-20 R250
  • Mindak 8 Phos Min R1620
  • PoMin 8
  • ProMin 12
  • Wind and Rain AS 7.5 CP AV4
  • Wind and Rain AS 7.5 CP Altosid
  • Wind and Rain AS 7.5 CP Biomos
  • Wind and Rain AS 7.5 CP
  • Sheep Min
  • All salts such as bag, block, and softener

Animal Feed

  • Sheep & goat feed
  • Chicken, duck/goose, pheasant
  • Dog & cat food by Nutri Source and Tuffys


  • Purina- Rangeland
  • Mineral Tubs
  • Stress Tubs
  • 30-13 Tubs
  • All Stock Tubs
  • Min/Altosid Tubs
  • XPC Tubs
  • Rangeland 25 Tubs
  • Rangeland 17 Mag


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