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Available Services

We offer a wide variety of agronomy services including-

  • custom blending
  • application with air flow
  • pull-type spreader
  • top dress spreader
  • delivery to farm
  • impregnating chemical on dry fertilizer
  • crop scouting
  • field monitoring
  • soil-testing
  • composite sampling
  • grid/zone sampling

Available Products

Dry Fertilizer Blending
  • Urea 46-0-0
  • MAP 11-52-0
  • Potash 0-0-60
  • Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0-24
  • Zinc Sulfate 33%
  • Boron 15%
  • Sulfur 90%
Liquid Fertilizer
  • UAN 28-0-0 – application with chemical sprayers, delivery to farm, and bulk loads to the farm.
  • Starters: 7-23-3, 7-23-5 XLRate, 10-34-0, Redline delivered on farm or sprayed on with chemical or foliar, and bulk loads delivered to the farm.

Full line of zinc, micro nutrient packages, chelating agents, Ascend.


Full line of crop protection chemicals including:

  • herbicides, pre-emerge and post-emerge
  • insecticides in furrow and post-emerge
  • fungicides in furrow and post-emerge
  • adjuvant line from Winfield
We have access to almost any chemical.


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