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Deuel County Farmers Union Oil Company (DCFU) is a cooperative, which means our customers receive a portion of their purchases back each year in the form of a dividend check based upon earnings. The coop is governed by a seven-member board of directors selected from and by our membership at the annual meeting. This truly makes us a customer-owned company.

Mission Statement

To provide our patrons with quality products and services.


In an effort to build and maintain an aggressive farm organization, and to help farmers get a fair price for their products, the farmers of Deuel County organized the Deuel County Farmers Union Oil Company, one of the first. The first business was transacted on April 8, 1936. As far back as 1930 and 1931, during the heart of the depression and severe drought, the farmers of Deuel County began to organize the Farmers Union. The Cooperative was incorporated in 1931 by John Skage, M.H. Thompson, Henry Runge, Frank Keimig, and A.H. Anderson.

During the next few years prior to 1936, shares of stock of $10.00 per share were sold only to members of the Farmers Union until the sum of $1,733.00 was reached. This was sufficient to purchase a used bulk plant in Toronto and other needed equipment to launch the new business.

Business for the first year, April 8, 1936 to December 31, 1936 was $18,942.00 with a net savings of $1,551.85 and a 5% cash dividend was paid.

  • 1938 - First service station purchased in Clear Lake
  • 1945 - A building on the east end of Main Street in Toronto was purchased
  • 1948 - The cooperative purchased the Farmers Union Supply in Brandt
  • 1950 - A new brick building was erected in Clear Lake
  • 1957 - Station built in Gary
  • 1981 - Station purchased in Astoria
  • 1982 - New station built in Toronto
  • 1987 - Astoria Station leased to Lynn Vick
  • 1991 - 60' x 110' building addition to the fertilizer plant
  • 1994 - Cooperative purchased Thermogas Plant and equipment in Hendricks
  • 1995 - Cooperative purchased convenience store at Highway 15 & 22 intersection in Clear Lake
  • 1998 - The Cooperative sold the Gary Station to Pat Grabow
  • 2002 - Brandt elevator purchased from Greg and Jim Anderson
  • 2003 - Brandt station sold to Steve and Christy Berndt
  • 2008 - 2000 ton fertilizer plant addition
  • 2011 - Sold Brandt elevator to Robb and Becky Krause
  • 2011 - Built new station in Clear Lake by convenience store
  • 2011 - Sold downtown station in Clear Lake to Cody Krause
  • 2014 - Built a storage building in Toronto
  • 2015 - Additional bulk creep feed storage addition in Clear Lake, SD
  • 2015 - Deuel County Cenex becomes DCFU- Deuel County Farmers Union Oil Co
  • 2015 - DCFU goes on-line
  • 2017 - Remodeled C-Store
  • 2017 - Built Fertilizer Blender Tower

Toronto, SD

Business office Staff
Business Office Staff

375 Main Ave
Toronto, SD 57268

  • Daryl Feilmeier

    Daryl Feilmeier
    General Manager

  • Kathy Kurtenbach

    Kathy Kurtenbach
    Office Manager

  • Beth Overby

    Beth Overby
    Credit Manager

  • Val Trooien
    Office Assistant

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Deuel County Farmers Union Oil Company
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